Welcome in the World of Brushes

The Leonhardy VP brush manufactory is characterized by tradition and progress.

In 1889, 15 brush manufacturers joined in Nürnberg under the governance of Hans Leonhardy to the VEREINIGTE PINSELFABRIKEN (VP). Since then, the company was owned and run by the Leonhardy Family.

In summer 2021, after the death of CEO Mr. Dieter Leonhardy, the Leonhardy family retired and handed over the business to the Vereinigte Pinselfabriken Leonhardy GmbH.

From the beginning, Leonhardy VP is producing a wide range of brushes to provide the right “tool” for all applications. With 120 years of experience in brush manufacturing and a young team of factory-trained brush makers, we still meet these requirements.

Today our range of products is covering the following domains:

Artist Brushes – Hobby Brushes – School Brushes – Paint Brushes – Make Up Brushes – Nail Brushes – Dental Brushes – Shaving Brushes

Aulitzky-Leonhardy GmbH

Dieselstraße 77

90441 Nürnberg, Duitsland

+49 911 399963